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Webelos, Tigers, Bears - Oh My! (and Wolves too!)

Want to know what Cub Scouts do?  Check us out!

A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: Pack 2020 Style!

On Saturday, June 6th, PACK 2020 departed on a bus ride down to Augusta, Georgia to experience their end-of-year trip. Destination: Fort Discovery!


Fort Discovery, a unit of the National Science Center, hosts over 250 activities that focus on developing an appreciation and understanding of math, science and technology in children of all ages.  A group of over fifty of our scouts, parents and volunteers enjoyed overnight accommodations, dinner, evening snack, breakfast, workshop and even a specially designed Camp-In T-shirt. The enormous facility is located near a peaceful river in scenic Augusta, Georgia approximately two hours from Atlanta.


Prior to arriving at Fort Discovery, our scouts visited the Historical Augusta Canal where an Eagle Scout taught them how to make a fishing pole from bamboo before heading out to fish for a spell on the canal.  Later, the campers enjoyed a boat ride on the canal during which they learned about and observed birds such as Wood Ducks and other animals like turtles and even snakes!  Before leaving the mills, the boys had an engaging lesson in community and natural resource preservation by picking up trash around the canal.


With tasty meals along the way, by the time the scouts arrived at Fort Discovery, they were ready for more thrills and excitement!  Once there, the scouts were introduced to hands-on discovery based workshops called Discovery Labs and an all-day admission to Fort Discovery’s wonderful installations.  CubMaster Curtis gave a workshop on the importance of communication and the scouts closed the session by presenting stories in cooperative groups. Later, another enthusiastic presenter taught the scouts about optical illusions and how to make their own 3-D glasses! Afterwards, the troupes entered into the StarLab ™, an inflatable planetarium large enough to seat our entire crowd!


The day ended with dinner and a sleepover amidst Fort Discovery’s installations. The next morning, the scouts packed up, ate breakfast and were treated to an interactive scientific presentation and film hosted by Weird Science. The scouts, leaders, and parents left with smiles on their faces and quite a few awesome memories in tow.

                                                      A-Camping We Went!

What creatures traipse through the woods of South Atlanta, tie knots of many kinds, go swimming, learn survival skills, and earn belt badges to boot? The Cub Scouts of South Atlanta do! 

Held from June 1st to 5th at a lovely facility belonging to the Association for Black Cardiologists in South Fulton County, the Cub Scouts of South Atlanta enjoyed a week long exploration of scout creed, action, and goals. During their annual summer camp, the boys aged 7-11, or grades 1st to 5th participated in a variety of activities designed to promote collaboration, communication and FUN!


The camp was a huge success! Working with community partners, the cubs explored, hiked, and swam with their peers while having a blast every step of the way.  Volunteers from Home Depot, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Cochran Mill Nature Resources, Fulton County Fire Department (William Junks) and Fulton Parks and Recreation hosted activities that made the boys feel welcomed and engaged.


Organized by South Atlanta District and run by dedicated volunteers, the camp provided breakfast and lunch for campers, in addition to a full day of activities for a nominal cost. South Atlanta’s packs are dedicated to ensuring our cubs get to experience optimal engagement and badge-earning opportunities without overly taxing our families.  Feedback on the camp was very positive and included remarks about how much fun the campers had, and requests for longer sessions in years to come.  Pack Committee Chair, Alma Cooper responds to such requests by saying, “We’d love to have our sessions be longer for the boys.  All we need is enough volunteers to make it happen!”