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Boy Scout Troop 493
(Virginia Beach, Virginia)
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50th Anniversary!


B.S.A. TROOP 493


                50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! 




            SUNDAY, 11 FEBRUARY


Place:  Wycliffe Presbyterian Church

Service:   10:00 am (Kattwinkel Award)

Reception:  After the service in the Fellowship Hall (Brunch Items served)


All current and former Troop Members are invited to participate!


Model Campsite, Indian Dance Team Items, and Troop Memorabilia will be on display!  Hope to see YOU all there!


        Contact for info!



Revised:  08 JAN 2017 Subject to change –Schedule updated at EVERY Monday meeting




JANUARY 2018                                   


SAT 13 JAN  (9:45am)                           AIRCRAFT CARRIER TOUR                             (Naval Station, Norfolk, VA.)  (1.0hrs)

MON 15 JAN (Holiday)                          NO TROOP MEETING – NO DANCE TEAMPRACTICE   (Wycliffe Presb. Church,Va. Beach, VA)

WED 17 JAN (7:30pm)                       TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING    (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)

SAT 20 JAN – SUN 21 JAN (6:30am)      WASHINGTON D.C. 4H – HIKE & HOSTEL     WashingtonD.C.)  (4.0hrs)

MON 22 JAN  (7:00 pm)                        EAGLESCOUT COURT OF HONOR – B. Shepler  (FAMILY)           WycliffePresb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

MON 29 JAN  (7:00 pm)                        KATTWINKELBOR’s & O/A ELECTIONS @ TROOP MTG.        (WycliffePresb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)


FEBRUARY 2018                                 


SAT 03 FEB (8:30pm –10:00pm)           FEED THE HOMELESSSERVICE PROJECT    (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

MON 05 FEB (Homeless Shelter)           NOTROOP MEETING – NO DANCE TEAM PRACTICE    (Wycliffe Presb.Church, Va. Beach, VA)

FRI 09 FEB (9:00 pm)                            MIDNIGHT BOWLING– PINBOY LANES             (Hilltop, Va. Beach, VA) (0.5hrs)

SUN 11 FEB (9:00am –1:00pm)            SCOUT SUN /KATTWINKEL AWARD / 50th ANNIVERSARY! (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA) (FAMILY EVENT!)

MON 19 FEB (Holiday)                          NO TROOP MEETING –NO DANCE TEAM PRACTICE     (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

WED 21 FEB (7:30pm)                       TOOPCOMMITTEE MEETING     (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)   


MARCH 2018                           


SAT 10 MAR – SUN 11 MAR (7:00 am)  CIVILWAR BATTLEFIELDS HIKE & CAMP   (PlaceTBD)  (0.0hrs)

MON 19 MAR (7:00pm)                         TROOP DINNER &COURT of HONOR  (FAMILYEVENT!)    (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

WED 21 MAR (7:30pm)                       TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING      (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)

SAT 24 MAR (9:00 am)                          CLEANTHE LAKE SERVICE PROJECT   (WycliffePresb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)



APRIL 2018                             


MON 02 APR (Easter Break)                  NO TROOP MEETING – NO DANCETEAM PRACTICE       (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

WED 18 APR (7:30pm)                        TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING     (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)           

SAT 21 APR (9:00 am)                          BACKPACKINGSHAKE DOWN HIKE      (FirstLanding State Park)  (0.5hrs)

FRI 27 APR – SUN 29 APR (6:30 am)    OLD RAG HIKE & CAMP   (AppalachianTrail)  (4.0hrs)  



MAY 2018                                


WED 16 MAY (7:30pm)                    TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING    (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)

SAT 19 MAY – SUN 20 MAY (7:00am)    CANOE & CAMP TRIP  (PlaceTBD)  (0.0hrs

MON 21 MAY (7:00pm)                          TROOP “ROCKET CAR” DERBY   (WycliffePresb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)                         

MON 28 MAY (Holiday)                         NO TROOP MEETING – NO DANCETEAM PRACTICE     (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)                         


JUNE 2018                              


SAT 16 JUN – SUN 17 JUN (7:00am)     JOCKEY’S RIDGE HIKE & CAMP   (Jockey’sRidge State Park, NC)  (3.5hrs)

WED 20 JUN (7:30pm)                         TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING   (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)  

MON 25 JUN (7:00pm)                          TROOP COURT of HONOR – CAMP PARENTS MTG.  (FAMILY)     (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA) 


JULY 2018                               


SUN 01 JUL – SAT 14 JUL (TBD)           PHILMONTTREK DEPARTURE / RETURN     (NorfolkInternational Airport)  (0.5hrs)

SUN 08 JUL – SAT 14 JUL (TBD)           TROOPSUMMER CAMP DEPARTURE / RETURN    (First Colonial HS Parking Lot, Va. Beach, VA)

WED 16 JUL (7:00pm)                        TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING –  CAMP CLOSEOUT (NO TROOP MTG) WycliffePresb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)


AUGUST 2018                         


SAT 04 AUG (9:00am)                           SCOUT DAY AT OCEAN BREEZE WATER PARK       (VirginiaBeach, VA)  (0.5hrs)

WED 15 AUG (7:00pm)                             TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING – SUMMER GATHERING  (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)

MON 27 AUG (7:00 pm)                        TOP GOLF TROOPOUTING  (FAMILY EVENT!)      (TopGolf Park, Va. Beach, VA) (0.5hrs)


SEPTEMBER 2018                              


MON 03 SEP (Holiday)                          NO TROOP MEETING –NO DANCE TEAM PRACTICE       (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

SAT 15 SEP – SUN 16 SEP (7:00am)   BIKEHIKE & CAMP TRIP   (PocahontasState Park, VA)  (3.5hrs)

MON 17 SEP (7:00pm)                          TROOP PICNIC &COURT of HONOR (FAMILY EVENT!)  Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

WED 19 SEP (7:30pm)                       TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING       (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)           


OCTOBER 2018                                   


MON 08 OCT (7:00pm)                          NO REGULAR TROOPMEETING - TLC PLANNING SESSION!          (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

SAT 13 OCT – SUN 14 OCT (7:00am)    CRABTREE FALLS / PRIEST HIKE & CAMP    (AppalachianTrail, VA)  (3.5hrs)

WED 18 OCT (7:30pm)                              TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING    (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)

MON 29 OCT (7:00pm)                          TROOP 493 HALLOWEEN EVENT  (FAMILYEVENT!)       (Hunt Club Farms, Va. Beach, VA) (0.5hrs)    


NOVEMBER 2018                                


SAT 03 NOV – SUN 04 NOV (8:00am)    US NAVAL ACADEMY TOUR   Annapolis, MD)  (4.0hrs)

MON 12 NOV (Holiday)                         NO TROOP MEETING –NO DANCE TEAM PRACTICE       (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)

WED 14 NOV (7:30pm)                             TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING   (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)                                                  


DECEMBER 2018                                


FRI 07 DEC – SAT 08 DEC (7:30pm)     ROCKGYM RICHMOND OVERNIGHT   (Richmond, VA)(2.0hrs)

WED 12 DEC (7:00pm)                              TROOPCOMMITTEE MEETING – CHRISTMAS GATHERING   (TBD,Va. Beach, VA)

MON 17 DEC (7:00pm)                          CHRISTMAS PROGRAM & COURT of HONOR(FAMILY EVENT!!)    (Wycliffe Presb. Church, Va. Beach, VA)






PHILMONT 2018 Work-up hikes will be scheduled throughoutthe spring 2018 time period, not to interfere with scheduled Troop activities.     

                                                               LATEST UPDATES







1. Full scout uniforms are REQUIRED at each troopmeeting.  We do accept scout-likepants/shorts at scouting functions; however jeans and off-color clothingare NEVERacceptable.  Class “C” Yellow T-Shirtscan be worn when designated late spring-early fall.


2.Officialscout clothing is ALWAYS appropriate at Courts of Honor, or other designatedevents.  Our senior scouts are expectedto set the example!  YOUR assistance helps.


3.Uniforms– Class “A” (Scout Shirt,Scout/Green Pants/Shorts, Troop Neckerchief, Merit  

                        Badge Sash)

Class “B” (Scout Shirt, Scout/GreenPants/Shorts)

Class “C” (Yellow Troop T-Shirt, Scout/Green Pants/Shorts)


4.Class “A” Uniforms are required forALL Board’s of Review.  Class “B” Uniforms are required for ALLScoutmaster Conferences.  Bring all booksand Merit Badge Cards.


5.    Your son should know a week BEFORE an event if hewill be able to attend.  Those who saythey are going are expected to attend (emergencies excepted), and becomeresponsible for any costs for food or fees associated with their anticipatedparticipation.  Again YOURassistance is appreciated.  Please checkthe troop’s web site or call the Scoutmaster for updated or additionalinformation!  Thanks.


6.    TLC MEETINGS – Will usually be held during the FIRST meeting of each month.