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What is the Religious Emblems Program?

Religious groups have programs that the BSA recognizes.  The awards from these programs are permitted to be worn on the scout's uniform.

Scouts in grades 1-3 can complete the "God & Me" program
Scouts in 4-5 can complete the "God & Family" program. 

Currently, every rank except the Lions has a requirement for "Duty to God". Each of the ranks gives the option to earn the emblem of the scout's religion, or a series of alternative requirements. 

The awards for each program can only be earned once. Therefore if you complete the God & Me program in the 1st grade, then for 2nd and 3rd grade you will simply to the alternative requirements.  

We only schedule these programs biennially since it would still allow each scout to earn their Religious Awards. Since our pack is chartered through The Church of the Lakes, these programs are always operated through the church. If your child is a religion other than Methodist, you can set up the program through your own church. If you wish to conduct your own program with your church, some tips to get started are listed below. 

Getting started -

1) Obtain the booklet for your religion from the Scout Shop.
2) Parents review the booklet.
3) Approach your religious leader and get approval to begin the program. 
4) Complete the program and have your religious leader sign-off on the program.  Order the emblem. 

Note: The scout may receive the emblem at his personal church or at the church where he completed the program. 

Religious Awards for Cub Scouts


A Cub Scout can easily earn religious awards provided he has the help of a parent or a close family member.  Your Cub Scout can proudly wear this knot and the religious emblem medal on his uniform.  Here’s how to get them going.


Parents acquire the appropriate religious emblem (award) workbook according to your denomination and the age/grade of your Cub Scout.  The workbooks are an age-appropriate publication with religious topics and activities to review and accomplish.  These are available from the Buckeye Scout Shop or from Pray Publishers,, or 800-933-7729.  For more information about Catholic Religious Emblems, see


The Council Shop stocks the most commonly required workbooks for Cubs.  These are:

  • Light of Christ – Catholic Tigers & Wolves.
  • Parvuli Dei (Children of God) – Catholic Bears & Webelos.
  • God & Me – most Protestant denominations for grades 1,2 and 3.
  • God & Family – most Protestant denominations grades 4 & 5.
  • For others go to and search by denomination/faith and by age/grade.


Workbooks are completed by the Cub or Webelos Scout over a few weeks or months with the advice, encouragement and help of his parent/close family member.  Upon completion of the workbook, there is a review and/or sign-off by the Scout, the parent and the Pastor or other church official.  The submittal of the completion/signoff sheet or cards from the workbook depends on the denomination.  Follow the instructions in the workbook used.  However, Catholic Scouts in the Youngstown Diocese should contact Leo Kohler at the Council Office at 330-580-4272.  


The Pack, the parent or the particular Church, upon completion of the workbook requirements, orders medals and religious emblems knots. 

The Catholic Committee on Scouting does the ordering for Catholic Awards, which are personally presented to each Cub Scout by the Bishop of his Diocese.  The parent or the Pack can order religious emblems knots.  Knots are ideally presented to the Catholic Cub Scout in his home parish by special arrangement with the pastor.  Knots can be presented again (or at least acknowledged) at a Pack Meeting.