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Congratulations to Jimmy and Pete

Cross Over Ceremony

We had four scouts cross over this January.







Congratulations - Danny Smullen

Congratulations to Danny Smullen for Earning his Eagle.

See Danny's full Bio on our Troop 70 Eagles Page

Congratulations Mckinley

Congratulations to Mckinley for Earning his Eagle.

See Mckinley's full Bio on our Troop 70 Eagles Page

Eagle Project Work Day Danny

Danny's project was building 4 Picnic Tables and 13 Benches for Hard'Ack

Eagle Project Work Day - Mckinley

Mckinley's Eagle project was building three Mendocino benches for the Humane Society.

Summer Camp at Mount Norris

When the scouts were getting oriented, a Troop 70 Eagle alumni (Will Roberts) was present and working as Program director.

Hanging around camp

Even in the rain, the scouts can have a good time.

We had a great crew with 23 scouts this year.

For more Summer camp photos, click here and view the photo album

Troop Picnic and Overnight

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Deering for planning and supervising our second annual Troop Picnic and Overnight event at the quarry.

For more photos click here and view the photo album

Court of Honor - June 16, 2015

At our last Court of Honor before the summer we installed our new Troop and Patrol Leaders.

Congratulations to our new leaders:

Senior Patrol Leader: Austin

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Robert

Patrol Leaders:

     Alex (Battle Toads)

     Haven (Alpacas)

     Mckinley (Beavers)

Mr. Chesarek recognized Danny and Peter for becoming brotherhood members of the Order of the Arrow.

He also recognized Austin and Mr. Smullen for completing their ordeal and becoming ordeal members.

Here are few other pictures from the night

Flag Day Service at The Congregational Church


2015 Blue and Gray Councilwide Spring Camporee


Green Up Day 2015

Green up day was successful this year.  We had a good group of scouts and plenty of community members out too.


Maple Sugaring at the McCoy's

Great day for sugaring. The scouts collected over 200 gallons of sap.

We had 23 Scouts there, collecting sap, sampling syrup, eating hotdogs and enjoying more syrup on ice cream.

Special thanks to Dan and Jo Anne McCoy for providing a great spread of food and offering this great experience to the scouts every year. Thanks to Sean McCoy (a Troop 70 Eagle) for taking the scouts in groups and explaining the process.

Giving Time and Dodging balls

Some of the boys put in service hours at the United Way Dodge Ball Tournament.

Morning Crew


Afternoon Crew


Post-Camping Meeting - March 24, 2015

The scouts went through equipment post our Winter Camp outing.

Winter Camping - Lake Carmi - March 21, 2015

We had ten boys camping out on a great Saturday that turned into a very cold and Windy Saturday night.

During the day Mr. Deering led events on ice rescue and fire building. (The scouting favorite)

Human Chain (Stay low and spread out)


Rope and the short straw.


The Battletoads Have a design, WooHoo

Quinzee Camping - March 7, 2015

Quinzee building starts with piling snow and then packing it.

After it sits in the sun for a few hours, you start digging out your bedroom.

You realize you didn't pack the quinzee enough when it starts to collapse as you are digging out. At this point, you look at your options, dig out some space and throw a tarp over it. If that doesn't work, you can always sleep in the warm camp in an emergency.

In the morning, its a quick run to the camp to get the blood flowing. It's hard to see but the intact quinzee is in the middle and the tarped up quinzee is on the right.

Petra Cliffs - March 2, 2015

We climbed the walls at Petra Cliffs.

This is currently the only photo (Hopefully we will have more to come:)

Smuggler's Notch Ski/Ride - February 25, 2015

Another Great day of skiing on the Mountain for our Smuggler's Notch Ski and Ride day.  A great way to break up the school vacation.

Klondike Derby - February 7, 2015

The Troop ran two Derby sleds this year (The only troop with multiple.)  Based on flags found in the basement one sled was Patrol 5, the other sled was the Wolf Patrol.

The event started with a race a little over a quarter of a mile.  Pictured below is the Patrol 5 sled, it looks like Mckinley is the lead puller.

Austin and his Wolf Patrol broke a trail in about two feet of snow. They look pretty tired for before 10 a.m.

They participated in many events like Jack Ski riding

Knot tying and rope puzzle challenges.

There was also fire building, shelter building, and first aid stations, plus the lunch station where scouts enjoyed their soup and hot chocolate.

January 9, 2015 - Webelos Crossover

Five Webelos from Pack 874 crossed over to join us.

Congratulations Boys.










January 3, 2015 - Hiking at Niquette Bay

A small group of scouts and family members went for a nice walk in the woods around Niquette Bay State Park.

As you first hit the trail, this sign can be seen on a wood pile.

It was a very nice hike/walk and the scouts were able to have some fun and explore a little.


December 20, 2014 - Family Bowling

We had 23 people Bowling at our family bowing event.

We a had a great 2 hours of bowling, food and a chance to talk to one another between rolls.

When bowling was done, we had a youth vs adult Laser-tag battle. Multiple parents said the boys talked about it all the way home.

Movie Night and Christmas Party

The boys had their Christmas Party and Movie.  They watched "Home Alone."

We also had 3 board of reviews and 3 rank advancements.  Nice job guys.


November 19, 2014

Indoor Game Night

Last night the boys had an indoor game night. Those not playing Magic were playing Life.

Plenty of smiles.

The PLC did a great job keeping to the schedule last week. This week they learned a lesson about reviewing the schedule before the meeting to verify they don't miss anything.

It was a good night and the competition was pretty friendly.

Patrol Patches

Most of the Patrols have signed off on the Patrol Patch designs. 

Alpaca Patrol       Beaver Patrol       Krakatoa (Leadership) Patrol


We are still waiting for the Battle Toad's final Art.

The Old Goat Patrol has had their designs and patches since last spring.

Moooore Cooooooofffeeeee!!!

November 13, 2014 - Eagle Court of Honor - Sam Bou

Sam Boudreau earned his Eagle this past summer and we celebrated and honored him.

Pictures are still coming in from different sources and will be posted here.

November 12, 2014

Merit Badge night

The boys continued to work on the First Aid and Communication Merit Badges.  Thank go out again to Judy Searles and Tania Biniecki for volunteering their time and working with the boys.

Last nights meeting was the first using our new plan and structure and the boys were successful in monitoring their time and keeping on schedule.

October 29, 2014

Volunteer Service at the Humane Society

Last weekend a group of our scouts grabbed yard tools and window cleaning supplies and helped out at the Humane Society.

October 22nd, 2014

Last night was merit Badge night.  The boys worked on First Aid and Communications.

Special Thanks to Tania Biniecki and Judy Searles for your time and effort!

Next week is our Halloween Party.  Wear a costume or your Activity Uniform. (Class B)

October 14, 2014 Court of Honor

Mr. Deering got some good shots from the Court of honor you can see them here and click on the photo album.

A few of the highlights:

  • Mckinley was awarded with his Life Rank.
  • Demetrius was awarded with his Second Class Rank
  • Nate and Noah were awarded with their Tenderfoot Rank
  • John was awarded his Scout Rank.
  • Lori Deering was awarded the Den leader of the year award by the District. Since her whole den moved to Troop 70, she was awarded it at our Court of Honor. Casey Tatro and Michael Nicholas joined us from Pack 874 for the presentation.
  • Haven was awarded the Dirty Jobs Award
We awarded:
  • between 30 and 40 merit badges
  • Four 50 Miler awards
  • One youth Mile Swim Award, One Adult
  • Eight Firem'n Chits
  • Six Totin' Chips
  • and many other items

September 17, 2014

Library and Resources

We will be adding files to the Library tab.  The library will include many scouting resources and forms for scouts and their families.

September 3, 2014

First Meeting of the year

We had the first meeting of the year Tuesday.  Capture the flag was rained out but indoor games were played.  We also discussed Popcorn.  Yes it is Popcorn time...


Popcorn Sales start Friday the 5th. The official sale starts Friday and boys were asked to respect the date and not sell early, especially at school. There are cub scout packs and other boy scout troops in the area.

Order forms and money are due October 7th.

150th Anniversary of the St. Albans Raid

Our troop will be helping out and displaying at the St. Albans Raid. We need to man hours from 8:00-noon and noon to 4:30 on Saturday and Sunday September 20 and 21.

Please sign up for some or all of the time, we need four or more boys at every time slot.


The boys will be building their own trebuchet to compete in a pumpkin chucking event at the camporee.  Next week's meeting will be in Mr. Deering's Shop and there is a project day Saturday the 13th there as well. Directions are available here.
Don't forget to save a pumpkin from your garden if you can. If you know anyone who is willing to donate pumpkins, please let us know.

August 27, 2014

Freedom Trail in Boston

Some of the boys and their families took a trip down to the Freedom Trail in Boston. 

The freedom trail is a Tour that leads to different historic sites. The boys and their families heard stories from the revolution based in the area.  There are 16 main sites that the Freedom Trail highlights.

August 20, 2014

On Saturday, a group set out for Lake Carmi for the first leg of a 80+ mile trip.


The entire group started on a service project hauling fire wood for the State Park.

Sunday morning the younger scouts rode back to St. Albans, the boys continuing on with the trip spent an extra day at Carmi and continued to work service projects.




They also worked on the beach and boating area.

The boys made sure they had plenty of time to fit in fun!


August 13, 2014

 The Boys going on the Bike Hike Saturday got started on an early service project on the rail trail.

Have fun on your trip boys!

News - July 9, 2014

NYLT (National Youth Leader Training)

Two boys, Austin and Robert spent last week at Camp Sunrise for NYLT.  They learned a good deal and had fun as well.

NYLT (National Youth Leader Training) is the second level of training for the boys and is taught on a district level. The first level is the ISLT (Individual Scout Leader Training) that we provide in the troop. These were the classes we did a few weeks ago.

Pictured below are Austin and Robert on the Last day.

Train them, trust them, let them lead.

Summertime Scouting

Sunday–Saturday (July 20th – July 26th) – Boy Scout Resident Camp at Mt. Norris.

Saturday–Wednesday (August 16th-20th) – 50 Miler Bike Ride with John Chesarek.

Saturday, Sunday (August 23rd-24th) – Freedom Trail in Boston, MA.

Green Up Day 2014

The First Saturday in May is Green Up Day.

This year we were joined by the Mayor and many residents of St. Albans.

Over 80 people turned up to make St. Albans a little nicer.

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